You've had a long day and now it's time to sit back and relax. After enjoying a nice meal, it's time to unwind with a stiff drink and a fine cigar. While whiskey pairings are common enough, many people do not realize that you can pair your cigar with a variety of after dinner drinks as well. Determining the perfect after dinner pairings took hours of hard work, but we here at are willing to go that extra mile for our customers.

Kahlua paired with Tabak Especial By Drew Estate

If you are in the mood for something rich and creamy, a glass of Kahlua is the perfect post-meal drink. It has the sweetness of rum, the softness of vanilla bean, and the rich, robust, not-of-Arabica coffee beans. It's a similar feeling to that first sip of coffee in the morning, but now it has liquor, so it's even more satisfying. Many cigars have an almost natural coffee taste to them, but the Tabak Especial by Drew Estate is infused with rich coffee flavors. The taste of espresso beans and sweet vanilla will permeate your taste buds and bring the perfect ending to your long day.

Romana Sambuca paired with Rocky Patel Edge

Sambuca may be lost on the younger generation, but for an old-fashioned Italian such as myself, there is nothing better. After your big Sunday meal, a little Sambuca goes a long way. It is made with Anise flavoring, essentially licorice, which helps you digest. It goes great solo or mixed in with your after dinner espresso. The Rocky Patel Edge has been one of the most popular cigars for over a decade. It is bold and zesty with notes of pepper and espresso. The spice from the cigar and the bite from the Sambuca go hand-in-hand like old friends.

Limoncello paired with Espinosa Laranja Reserva

If you've never had the chance to see the Amalfi coast, buying a bottle of Limoncello will at least give you a partial experience. Limoncello is a lemon-based liquor that is crafted from the finest Italian lemons and then blended with grappa. The result is a strong, yet flavorful, citrus-noted liquor. It remains a favorite among Italians, but has now made its way into the hearts of many liquor drinkers. The Espinosa Laranja was our first and only choice for this pairing. The orange, citrus notes from the Brazilian wrapper blend beautifully with the lemon zest of the beverage. A cold glass of Limoncello and the Laranja are a great pairing for a warm summer evening.

Irish Coffee paired with Rocky Patel Java Latte

With St Patrick's Day right around the corner, everyone gets into their most Irish mood. Enjoying an Irish coffee is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the Irish culture and tradition. It combines my love of hot, strong coffee, good Irish whiskey, and the sweetness of sugar. These three elements combine to bring you a symphony of great flavor. The Rocky Patel Java Latte is one of the world's most popular infused cigars and is the best selling coffee-infused smoke in the country. Rich notes of sweet vanilla, espresso, and a dash of cream come together with the coffee that wakes up your mind and your tastebuds. Sláinte!

White Russian paired with CAO Flathead

Who doesn’t like a White Russian, dude? Although it does seem strange to add milk or cream to your liquor, the White Russian remains a staple of the old fashioned drink community. It is a mix of Vodka, Kahlua, and cream, hence the name White Russian. While it gained national recognition after its appearance in The Big Lebowski, the White Russian has always been a preferred after dinner drink. When deciding which cigar would pair best, I came across a CAO Flathead in my humidor and thought, why not?. The broadleaf wrapper offers up notes of dark chocolate and cream, which blend perfectly with the milk and Kahlua portion of the drink. If you aren't a fan of a white Russian, well that’s just your opinion, man.