The art of the cigar pairing is an age-old tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Since people began to cultivate tobaccos for their flavor and aroma, their goal has always been to find the perfect beverage partner to enjoy it with. While modern day aficionados tend more towards small batch whiskey or craft beer, Brandy has always been a symbol of the elegant and the elite. In the days of yore, high society figures would adjourn to the smoke room after dinner for a cigar and a brandy. Let's take a look at some of the best modern day cigar and Brandy pairings.

Cedar Ridge Apple Brandy paired with Montecristo Crafted by AJ

This is the perfect matchup for a cold winter's night. First you have the delicious Apple Brandy from Cedar Ridge. This is a small batch concoction that is velvety smooth, but quite warm and rich. It has plenty of spice and great notes of fruit from its twice fermented apples. It is aged in both French and American oak barrels, giving it almost unrivaled complexity. Now add in the highest rated Montecristo in recent memory, with its zesty wrapper and top-notch profile and you are in for quite the time!

Korbel 12 Year Old California Brandy paired with Viaje Cache

While this 12-year-old doesn’t have an immense price tag, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most limited and coveted small batch Brandy’s in the country. It was crafted in honor of Francis Korbel, the distiller's founder, and is crafted using age-old techniques that Korbel used more than 100 years ago. It is distilled in a copper-lined still, giving it the same smooth aroma and rich flavor that Korbel fans have come to love. Enter the brand new Viaje Cache Bales on Bales. While this cigar had its fair share of controversy this year, it doesn’t stop it from being a phenomenal Nicaraguan puro using the famed Aganorsa Tobacco that Casa Fernandez invented.

Copper & Kings Butchertown paired with Warped Lirio Rojo

For all of you modern, boutique aficionados out there, this is the pairing for you. First we have the Copper & Kings Butchertown. This powerful American brandy is copper distilled, but is also bringing something extra to the party. The Brandy is 75% aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels while the last 25% is aged in new American oak. This gives you a wonderful aroma and taste of bourbon, but that last 25% keeps it from being too overpowering. That is also what you get with the Lurio Rojo from Warped. These little beauties are packaged in cedar boxes of 50 with no cellophane. This enables this sweet and spicy treat to mellow out a bit in the box and gives you a great, subtle cedar taste as well.

Germain-Robin Coast Road Reserve paired with Davidoff Winston Churchill

This 94-rated Brandy is a great combination of the old and the new. The Coast Road Reserve is a blend of younger blends, with rich, intense flavor, and older blends that are mellow, rested and seasoned. The result is a top notch floral aroma and rich fruit notes throughout with a smoothness to it that is almost unparalleled. It is time to light up its partner, the outstanding Davidoff Winston Churchill. One of the finest cigars Davidoff has ever produced – and that’s saying something – the Winston Churchill is also a combination of new, spicy tobaccos, and smooth aged leaves. This is probably my favorite pairing on the list.

Osocalis Rare Alambic Brandy paired with Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

The Rare Alambic is a blend of several grape varieties, with each one playing its part. The use of Pinot Noir adds in a strong base while the Semillon and Colombard give it rich notes of fruit and a lovely floral quality. While most of the blend is made up of younger varieties, it is still especially smooth and has become one of the highest rated Brandy's on the market. With the Fuente Don Carlos, you have a well-balanced, yet complex cigar, with a Cameroon wrapper that brings in its own floral notes, as well as a dash of leather and earth. This is the pairing for the elegant connoisseur.