Cigars have often been seen as the epitome of class, luxury, and status. For centuries, rich aristocrats and politicians would retire to the smoking room after dinner to enjoy a fine cigar and discuss politics, business, and whatever else rich people talk about. Their drink of choice was, of course, the classiest liquor of all time, a fine cognac. While today, millennials are obsessed with the latest craft beer or limited whiskey, we must not forget this age-old tradition and appreciate the quality of a fine cognac. So after much testing, that we thoroughly enjoyed, we have decided to bring you our best Cognac and cigar pairings.

Hennessy VSOP and Macanudo Café

Most people know Hennessy as your basic, everyday cognac. However, the VSOP is definitely something special. It was actually made for royalty and is a combination of 60 different aged cognacs. The term VSOP stands for “very old superior pale”. If you are wondering if that makes it better, then you are right. This smooth and flavorful liquor has a slight spice and hints of honey and fruit. It is the perfect mate for a smooth Macanudo Café. Macanudo has a similar reputation of class and smoothness, and has been a favorite of the elite for some time. This is the perfect after dinner in a fancy ball room experience.

Remy Martin 1738 and Ashton Symmetry

What is a classier sentence than “I’ll take a Remy Martin please”? The 1738 is a special edition of this already high quality cognac. It was named for the year in which the king of France granted the company its rights to grow and harvest grapes. It is smooth and incredibly well balanced. After being aged for 20 years in French oak barrels, you get a wonderful bouquet of flavors including spice, butterscotch and a wonderful oaky aroma. My mind immediately went to the Ashton Symmetry. Besides the VSG, the Symmetry is the most popular Ashton and was highly-sought-after its first year in production. It is a solid medium body with a well-balanced profile consisting of spice, oak, vanilla, and leather. This is a great match for the medium-body fan who wants to experience those subtle nuances.

Camus Borderies Cognac VSOP and Romeo 505 Nicaragua by RyJ

If you are looking for a flavor bomb, the Camus Borderies VSOP is what you want. The process of making it is so complex and exact, but the results are tremendous. It is first aged in dry cellars, being watched closely. It is then moved to a damper cellar in order to preserve its nuances and rich flavor. It has incredible notes of caramel and cinnamon with a dash of fruit and vanilla towards the end. For this complex cognac, I needed an equally complex cigar. What better than the brand new Romeo 505. Handcrafted in Nicaragua by the legendary Plasencia family, the 505 is the epitome of a flavorful Nicaraguan cigar. It has powerful notes of chocolate and dried fruit, and a subtle sweet spice. This is a great pair for a heavy meal, which for us is just a regular meal.

Martell XO and Cohiba Nicaragua

If I had to describe the Martell XO in one word, it would be balance. It is presented in an aesthetically pleasing bottle, but it's what's inside that really gets you interested. It is a blend of different grape areas, giving it the subtle smoothness of some, with the intensity of others. This gives you a well-rounded and flavorful cognac with notes of pepper, figs and walnuts. While most Cohibas are known for being smooth and subtle, the new Cohiba Nicaragua brings in a ton of rich Nicaraguan flavor. With notes of pepper, sweet spice, and cedar, the Cohiba goes hand-in-hand with the riveting Martell XO.

Gautier XO Pinar Del Rio Cigar Cognac and La Aurora 107

This Gautier is literally called “Cigar Cognac”. Named after the famed Pinar Del Rio region of Cuba, this beverage was made specifically for cigar aficionados to enjoy. It has a mahogany color and vibrant notes of vanilla, dried fruit, and wood. It is highly recommended to enjoy this neat while smoking a Cuban cigar. While I did drink it without ice, I didn’t choose a Cuban. Instead I went for the fantastic La Aurora 107. Crafted in the Dominican's oldest cigar factory, the 107 is a beautiful combination of Dominican smoothness and Nicaraguan intensity. It has notes of fruit and spice, with hints of wood, leather, and vanilla towards the end. This is honestly the perfect pairing.

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