Crowned Heads is on top of the cigar world. This was the dream team of guys from the original CAO who came together and decided they wanted to make cigars they way they wanted to, not the way someone else told them. Working together with some of the biggest manufacturers available, including EP Carrillo and Don Pepin Garcia, they went on to conquer the boutique cigar world with some of the most popular blends on the market. However, it all started with their first cigar, which has blossomed into a limited edition series that is beloved by all.

 The Four Kicks was the first cigar released by Crowned Heads. It was based on a song that Jon Huber had listened to that represented his anger, angst and rebellion at a time when he was considered a rouge in the industry. That cigar set them on a path to creating some of the most sought after general and limited releases, including the Las Calaveras and the now legendary Four Kicks Limited Edition series. While in early years, the Four Kicks LE was limited to the Mule Kick line, this year we are seeing the release of the first Four Kicks Maduro Lancero

 It is a hand rolled beauty coming out of the legendary factory of Ernesto Carrillo. It is rolled into a perfect Lancero shape using aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos, followed by its signature Connecticut Habano maduro wrapper. It packs a lot of flavor and smoke into a very thin cigar, with notes of coffee bean, chocolate and a little spice working together to create an immensely complex cigar. The burn is slow and even from start to finish.

 Like any limited edition cigar, especially a Crowned Heads, there are not alot these cigars to go around, so don’t waste any time and pick up your Crowned Heads Four Kicks Maduro Lancero LE today at