is always striving to provide the best possible cigars in order to create a truly remarkable smoking experience for our customers. This goes beyond just making sure we have the newest cigars in stock, which is one of our top priorities. It also involves working together with high end manufacturers to create unique and outstanding private labels for our customers to enjoy. We recently announced our release of the Joya de Nicaragua Clasico and the Crafted by Jaime Garcia, both of which are receiving rave reviews. We are now happy to announce or next project, in which we worked tirelessly with one of the worlds largest manufacturers to craft a top of the line cigar.

 Months ago we sat down with the team from General Cigar, the masters behind Punch, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, and several others, to create a signature cigar solely for our website. We decided upon using Macanudo, but creating one that had never been seen before. After trying countless blends we found the one we are looking for. That special blend is now known as the Macanudo Heritage Reserve, and it is a one of a kind cigar that we could not be prouder of.

 It starts out with aged Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobaccos, a unique blend for what is typically a more mellow brand. We followed this up with a dark Honduran binder to add in some rich, leathery notes. The finishing touch is what made us all giddy… a one of a kind Honduran Havana Seed wrapper. This flawless leaf gives this robust smoke notes of pepper, sweet spice and a deep earthy tone. This is not only one of the most flavorful and complex Macanudos ever created, but also boasts one of the finest constructions we have ever seen.

 With its flavorful blend, open draw, and even burn, we could not be more excited to share the Macanudo Heritage Reserve with out loyal customers. This bold and complex cigar will leave you speechless and will give you a whole new view on the Macanudo line. Check out this amazing cigar right now…only at