The number 1 question we always get here at is how to properly take care of your cigars. Cigars can be a bit finnicky. They need to be kept properly and maintained or else you will lose out on a great smoking experience. The proper temperature and more importantly humidity are essential to keeping your cigars smokable and fresh. This is where using the right tools becomes super important. For our cigar maintenance, we love to rely on Paradigm.

 If you are looking to stock up on a lot of cigars, you are going to need a bigger humidor. The bigger the humidor, the harder its going to be to maintain the proper humidity. Well with a paradigm humidification system, you can keep your cigars fresh with very little issues.

 Let say you only want to keep a handful of smokes, or if you are looking to travel with some to a BBQ or other social occasion. Using the Paradigm Travel Humidor guarantees not only freshness, but its strong outer shell keeps your cigars safe and sound.

 Its getting hot out there now, and wit the temperature constantly changing it is essential to maintain your cigars. Use Paradigm for all your maintenance needs and you will never have a problem.