Luchadore/ 6 × 43

I must admit that I keep plenty of Baccarat premium handmade cigars in my humidor. Handmade in Honduras, these medium-bodied gems are my first choice for either a morning or midday smoke. These cigars are blended with aged Honduran filler tobaccos, Mexican binders, and good-looking, silky-smooth, golden-brown Honduran wrappers. Every puff provides satisfying notes of cocoa, nutmeg, wheat, and cedar, backed by a mouthwatering sweet taste on the tongue, thanks to its famous gum cap. And thanks to their outstanding construction, unique taste, and affordable price, Baccarat premium handmade cigars have been pleasing smokers for many decades.
  • $5.20

  • Length6
  • Ring43
  • Wrapper TypeHonduras
  • BinderMexico
  • FillerHonduras
  • OriginHonduras
  • StrengthMellow - Medium
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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User Reviews


2 Reviews

If you like mild and smooth, this is a great cigar. I don't normally smoke them, but this is one of my wife's favorites. Always have a box in the humidor. A great cigar for beginners as well.


First time buying cigars online, saw the review for this cigar and no regrets at all. The sweetness at the beginning, the creamy and toasty taste to it. The kind of cigar I can have playing cards or an all nigher at the casino. First bundle of cigars and its my favorite, so far maybe my go-to cigar. Looking forward to explore the Baccarat brand and try other variations of this Honduran cigar.