Caldwell Anastasia

Opera/ 6 × 52

Beautifully boxed and banded, Caldwell Anastasia Opera is a gorgeous looking premium cigar with an oily dark brown wrapper. Weighing in with a hefty 6 x 52 frame, I spent more than one hour savoring full flavored notes that were earthy, spicy, and sweet. With the help of cigar legend Ernesto Carrillo, Anastasia is without a doubt the best tasting Caldwell creation to date.
  • $263.95
  • $294.00Save$30.05

  • Length6
  • Ring52
  • Wrapper TypeManufacturer’s Secret
  • BinderManufacturer’s Secret
  • FillerJamaica
  • OriginDominican Republic
  • StrengthMedium - Full
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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Caldwell Anastasia

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