Caldwell Savages

Piramide/ 6 × 50

The Caldwell Savages Piramide is the perfect fashion for a blend this complex. It begins with delicious creamy notes then slowly builds into a zestier recipe, full of savory leather, earth, and cedar to balance it out. The construction is so even, smooth, and consistent that I lost track of time and didn’t even notice I hit the nub!
  • $14.00

  • Length6
  • Ring50
  • Wrapper TypeManufacturer’s Secret
  • BinderManufacturer’s Secret
  • FillerManufacturer’s Secret
  • OriginVarious
  • StrengthMedium
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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User Reviews

Caldwell Savages

1 Review

An amazing smoke. The Pyramid burns perfect and smokes stellar right up until you are burning your fingertips. An overall pleasant flavor that I lack the eloquence to describe. Just try one and you will see what I mean. A new addition to my top 5 favorite cigars.