CAO Fuma Em Corda

Fuma Em Corda 10-Pack/ 6 × 58

The CAO Fuma Em Corda is a limited release premium cigar made with the world’s rarest Brazilian tobaccos combined with Cameroon and Nicaraguan fillers. A rare Honduran Colorado Oscuro wrapper completes this unique blending. Once lit, this superb stogie opens up a world of distinct flavors that include pepper, nutmeg, coffee beans, and sweet and tangy spice. With all this complexity, I even detected a bit of citrus on the retro hale. This is truly unlike any other cigar that I have smoked, and I mean that in a very good way! You can bet that the Fuma Em Corda will soon be lining my favorite cigar humidor!
  • $94.41
  • $104.90Save$10.49

  • Length6
  • Ring58
  • Wrapper TypeHonduran Oscuro
  • BinderCameroon
  • FillerNicaraguan / Honduran / Brazilian Bragencia / Brazilian Arapiraca Fuma En Corda
  • OriginHonduras
  • StrengthMedium - Full
  • Wrapper ColorVery Dark Brown / Oscuro

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User Reviews

CAO Fuma Em Corda

1 Review

One of my favorite new cigars. Burns great. Has amazing flavor. It’s a shame they are limited.