Casa Fernandez JFR Maduro

XT 770/ 7 × 70

In my opinion, when it comes to premium handmade cigars, the bigger they come the better they taste, and, this 7 x 70 beast is one the tastiest maduro sticks that I ever smoked! Medium-bodied, and very complex, you can expect very complex flavors of earth, black pepper, charred wood, and dark roast coffee on the palate. Due to its massive length and girth, thick mountains of fragrant billowy smoke comes with the territory. If you have, some free time to spare (at least 90-minutes) and want to relax with a fine luxury cigar, than try the maduro XT 770.
  • $213.75
  • $239.40Save$25.65

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Casa Fernandez JFR Maduro

1 Review

Very Complex smoke One of my favorites. I used to get them from a local tobacconist but he shut down. So glad to see them here.