Casa Fernandez Lunatic

El Chiquito/ 4.75 × 70

I saw this odd-looking stick in my retailer’s cigar humidor, and new I had to smoke it—and I’m glad I did! Fashionably shaped and pigtail capped, this neat looking little 70- ring fatty explodes with top-quality flavors of wood, leather, cedar, spice, and maple. Considering the impressive girth, this dynamo burned very even, with hardly any touch-up required. The El Chiquito has since become one of my favorite daily smokers.
  • $174.50
  • $195.44Save$20.94

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Casa Fernandez Lunatic

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This has to be one of my favorites to light up on a Friday night after a hard week. Very smooth and quite tasty while also packing a punch. Don't let the size fool you because it takes a while to enjoy this midget. Consistent flavors of mocha coffee, cedar, and hints of flavor just resonates throughout. This is a nice value and always in my humi.