Casa Fernandez Lunatic

El Chiquito/ 4.75 × 70

Lunatic is a good name for this blend from the masters at Casa Fernandez, because any aficionado who tries it is sure to be crazy about it! Layers of roasted leather and cedar balance perfectly with layers of creamy caramel, making Lunatic the ultimate sweet and savory treat. These cigars are medium to full-bodied, so the flavor only gets bolder as it slow burns, and the smell is just as enticing! Lunatic really is the perfect cigar for those big flavor cravings.
  • $6.98

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Casa Fernandez Lunatic

1 Review

This has to be one of my favorites to light up on a Friday night after a hard week. Very smooth and quite tasty while also packing a punch. Don't let the size fool you because it takes a while to enjoy this midget. Consistent flavors of mocha coffee, cedar, and hints of flavor just resonates throughout. This is a nice value and always in my humi.