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Oliva Cain Collection #1

The Oliva Mixed Collection # 2 made me realize why Oliva is one of the most popular Nicaraguan cigar brands on the market today. Some of Oliva’s tastiest smokes from the legendary Cain series are represented here. For an affordable price, you get tantalizing sticks from the Daytona, and the Straight Ligero brands, all boasting the rich Nicaraguan flavors that made me the latest in a long line of Oliva cigar fans!

  • $23.95
  • $39.43Save$15.48

  • Length
  • Ring
  • Wrapper TypeVarious
  • BinderVarious
  • FillerVarious
  • OriginVarious
  • StrengthVarious
  • Wrapper ColorVarious / Various

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