Cornelius & Anthony Meridian

Corona Gorda/ 5.5 × 46

Cornelius & Anthony’s Meridian Corona Corda is a premium 5.5 x 46 cigar which produces a stellar one-two punch of full flavor and deep aroma. In true Cornelius & Anthony fashion, this high-quality stogie is well-constructed and burns slow and even. Meridian Corona Gorda is a fuller-bodied smoke, and boasts a complex flavor profile of earthy notes, spicy black pepper, toasted cedar and a refreshing hint of ripe fruit. Its premium construction allows the flavors to thoroughly evolve between the cigar’s opening, midcourse and finish, keeping the palate stimulated throughout the entire smoking session. The flavors certainly differ, but these cigar masters have ingeniously made them work together. The taste is well-balanced and the flavors greatly complement one another. In short, this premium selection is another win for Meridian, a line that in-tuned connoisseurs eagerly awaited for almost two years!
  • $165.00
  • $175.00Save$10.00

  • Length5.5
  • Ring46
  • Wrapper TypeEcuador
  • BinderNicaragua
  • FillerDominican Republic / Nicaragua
  • OriginNicaragua
  • StrengthMedium
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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Cornelius & Anthony Meridian

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