Curivari Gloria de Leon Gran Domino

Poderosos/ 6 × 48

This thinner toro brings me back to the pre embargo days, with the traditional old fashion Cuban style and flavors. The Gloria de Leon only uses choice filler and binder tobaccos that have been specially aged for this smoke. Its caramel brown wrapper is smooth and gives it a complex profile of pepper, cocoa, caramel, and a sweet spice. Its construction is really top notch making this an easy choice.
  • $68.00

  • Length6
  • Ring48
  • Wrapper TypeNicaragua
  • BinderNicaragua
  • FillerNicaragua
  • OriginNicaragua
  • StrengthFull
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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Curivari Gloria de Leon Gran Domino

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