Red Nasty/ 4 × 52

ACID Red Nasty is a radical little premium cigar with a unique looking figurado shape and an oily Maduro wrapper. A sweet and slightly fruity component backed by herbs, spice, cinnamon, and chocolate offer a medium to full body smoke that is always rich, complex, and very satisfying. Definitely not for everyone, however, if you like your sticks oozing with exotic flavors and aromas, Red Nasty is definitely a must-try.
  • $30.50
  • $37.15Save$6.65

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  • Length4
  • Ring52
  • Wrapper TypeConnecticut Shade
  • BinderNicaragua
  • FillerNicaragua
  • OriginNicaragua
  • StrengthMedium - Full
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / Maduro

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1 Review

Full of flavor and just too much smoke just the way I like it. Wonderful cigar