Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang

Toro/ 6 × 52

A deep hickory aroma, and flavors of dry wood, spice, salty caramel, and cedar, made the Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang Toro one of the most intriguing premium cigars that I have ever smoked. The talented crew at Drew Estate really take their blending to the next level with this scrumptious gem!
  • $59.00
  • $72.00Save$13.00

  • Length6
  • Ring52
  • Wrapper TypeManufacturer’s Secret
  • BinderManufacturer’s Secret
  • FillerManufacturer’s Secret
  • OriginNicaragua
  • StrengthMedium
  • Wrapper ColorVarious / Various

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User Reviews

Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang

2 Reviews

These are great. Nice taste


One of the most superb tastes out of any cigar I have smoked. By far my favorite and will always be my fail safe cigar.