Dutch Masters

Cigarillos Atomic Fusion/ 4.5 × 28

These extremely bold and robust Dutch Masters’ Atomic Fusion Cigarillos packing a daring bang, perfect for any connoisseur living, err, smoking on the edge. One of the newest and most unique blends in this renowned, century-old assortment, these Cuban-seed tobacco fillers are meticulously infused with a fiery burst of wild and exotic fruit flavors. For a spicy smoke that really pops and won’t break the bank, try these Atomic Fusion Cigarillos from the iconic Dutch Masters today. Your wallet and your taste buds will both thank you later.
  • $24.45
  • $33.00Save$8.55

  • Length4.5
  • Ring28
  • Wrapper TypeNatural Tobacco Leaf
  • BinderHomogenized Tobacco Leaf
  • FillerCaribbean Basin Cuban Seed
  • OriginPuerto Rico
  • StrengthMellow
  • Wrapper ColorLight Brown / Natural

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User Reviews

Dutch Masters

3 Reviews

Love, love, love this flavor! Super smooth and just what I need after a long day from working.


This is one of the worst flavored from dutch by far and its always the last thing left at stores because no one really likes them.. Iv'ed brought two but never again... luv Dutch's but some flavors have to be changed (the touch the java leave as is)


These cigarillos burn slowly & smooth. They have a slight spicy flavor but not overbearing. I love these.