Henri Wintermans

Cafe Creme/ 3 × 28

Henri Wintermans cigars are nicknamed “the pride of Holland,” being renowned throughout the land for their exceptionally smooth aroma. This Café Crème offering is handmade using a mellow blend of dry-cured tobaccos, for a smooth and satisfying pull each time. Each Café Crème comes meticulously wrapped in a savory Java leaf, and packed in attractive cardboard packs of 20. This generous offering of 5-packs provides 100 top-quality cigars at one inexpensive price. A perfect after-dinner treat or on-the-go snack, these convenient little sticks will leave you pleased with their top-notch, decadent burst of genuine Dutch Crème.
  • $48.75
  • $81.45Save$32.70

  • Length3
  • Ring28
  • Wrapper TypeIndonesia
  • BinderHomogenized Tobacco Leaf
  • FillerNatural Tobacco Leaf
  • OriginHolland
  • StrengthMedium
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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Henri Wintermans

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