At Cigars.com, we’re passionate about life and all that it has to offer, like good food, great brew, and everything else. But when it comes to cigars, we’re beyond passionate. In fact, we’re obsessive! And on top of that, we know cigars and want to share our experience with you. Every merchant in our company has logged countless hours smoking and rating cigars; all told, we have over half a century of combined stogie skill. Believe us, we know what’s good and that’s all we intend to put in front of you. When we say that we have a real commitment to quality and value, we mean it.


We’re all very well seasoned in the world of cigar retail—and that’s what makes us different. We know exactly how the other guys sell their cigars…which is exactly why we take a different approach. We’ve cut out the middleman markup (which is ridiculous!) in order to bring you and the vendors together with factory-direct deals and pricing.


We’re also tech geeks at heart and that’s why we’re here. It’s not just about selling cigars, it’s about you, the cigar enthusiast. We want to change the way you buy, talk about, share, and enjoy cigars. But most of all, we want to hear from you. And here’s how that works:

We’ve created a community of likeminded cigar fans who appreciate the good things in life and, through it, you’ll be connected to the top cigar-makers in the industry (remember the part where we take out the middleman?). We want you to experience what we do every day by communicating with and providing feedback to these manufacturer partners, who are here to interact directly with you. And through this partnership, we’re able to provide you with factory-direct deals every month.

You’re also invited to share your thoughts and ideas with your fellow cigar enthusiasts, as our customer profiles allow you to not only connect with the industry but with each other as well.

And most important, we’re here to ensure you the easiest and most enjoyable cigar shopping-experience ever.

Meet The Founders

Indulge in the cigar lifestyle with with Rudy & Brian.

Brian Massey, Founder

Hey it’s the Cigars.com Founder, Brian Massey, here. First let me start with a brief introduction as to who I am and why we are here.  I’ve been in the cigar industry now for several years.  I first started as web designer and quickly grew to be one of the lead product merchants in the cigar industry.  Most of the manufacturers that you love would consider me a cigar nerd, and to be honest, I am proud of that.  I think what they really mean is I am passionate about this industry and also very passionate about many other things that are part of the cigar lifestyle as well.  When our CEO approached me to head up this project, I was very excited.  I knew we would be covering all of things I love about this industry and opening the door to many things you would love to be informed on. I look forward to sharing great cigars, food, and libations. 

Rudy Baker, Co-Founder

Hey there, I’m Rudy Baker, co-founder of Cigars.com.  I’m extremely excited to be a part of this unique cigar experience. I began as an enthusiast, enjoying cigars during my time as a real estate agent and touring with a band, and now I have more than a few years in the cigar industry.  I’ve been able to share the experience across the country, with many folks.  I feel it has given me a unique view of the industry that I have come to love.  I am looking forward to the journey of sharing ideas and experiences in all aspects of a cigar lifestyle. 

This is the cigar movement. Welcome to Cigars.com, powered by you.