Whether you're pretty knowledgable about cigars or you're just an average smoker who knows what you like, it doesn't matter! Here at cigars.com we want everyone's opinion about the cigars that you love and those you didn't.

Leaving a video review will help your fellow cigar smokers find the perfect stogie! Isn't that what it's all about.

How do you post a video review you say.

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Record your video review on your desktop or smartphone.
  2. Upload it to Youtube. Click here to find out how. Don't worry it's a snap - no pun intended.
  3. Submit your Youtube video link to the product page of the cigar that you're reviewing.

Then from here it's up to us. One of our passionate cigars.com community managers will take a look at your review to make sure there's nothing against our terms of use, and once we're happy we'll post it live to the site for all to see. Be patient with us, your review usually takes a day or two to be posted live.

What to put in your review

The key is to tell us what you liked and what you didn't.

You can get all technical and tell us about the burn and construction. Or take us on a journey and describe the flavors that really hit your palate. Finally, it's always good to give others advice on whether you thought it was a good buy.

Need inspiration? Watch how an expert does it.

What not to put in your review

There a few simple things to remember here:

  1. The review should be about the cigar. A little bit of banter is fun, but people don't want to hear your life story.
  2. Please steer clear of profanity.
  3. Please do not include any links to other sites.

For the full terms of use go here.

Happy reviewing!