La Fontana

Michelangelo/ 7.5 × 52

The aptly named Michelangelo is a true work of art. This chruchill sized cigar will burn nice and even for hours. Its combination of aged tobaccos from three different countries make it smooth yet gives it so many different flavors. It is mellow and creamy with notes of white chocolate, nuts, and a hint of leather.
  • $75.60
  • $124.00Save$48.40

  • Length7.5
  • Ring52
  • Wrapper TypeConnecticut
  • BinderMexico
  • FillerHonduras
  • OriginHonduras
  • StrengthMellow - Medium
  • Wrapper ColorLight Brown / Natural

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La Fontana

1 Review

This "stogie" was a delightful surprise! My first encounter with this cigar came at the hands of a childhood friend whose cigar knowledge is limited at best. The flavor is very subtle and the draw is very easy which makes the cigar burn extremely even. The size of the Michelangelo is perfect for my taste and anyone who likes a long robust smoke.