460 Habano/ 4 × 60

When Oliva said that Nub hits the sweet spot the moment it’s lit, they sure were not kidding because, boom, this baby gets down to some serious business even before you can put your torch lighter back in your pocket! These little fat sticks come in your choice of Habano, Connecticut, maduro, and Cameroon wrappers to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. I usually gravitate toward fuller-flavored sticks; each one of these features aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos so they are never too mellow for my taste. Therefore, budget permitting, I try to have all of them stashed away in my trusty cigar humidor. I highly recommend Nub to anyone looking for a unique and extremely satisfying smoke.
  • $7.50
  • $7.62Save$0.12

  • Length4
  • Ring60
  • Wrapper TypeHabano
  • BinderNicaragua
  • FillerNicaragua
  • OriginNicaragua
  • StrengthMedium
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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User Reviews


3 Reviews

Smooth. Strength is a bit deceiving as it gets to the heart of the flavor quickly, as a short cigar. Even though not especially bold, can back a bit of a punch to the ill prepared. Solid body that follows the builds of other Oliva brands I've smoked in the past. Overall, a solid smoking experience, great for a lunchtime meal or light dinner.


Ordered these last time and I highly recommend them. I’ve placed multiple orders since. My circle of friends appreciation to it is also very obvious.


Always wanted to try the nub 4/60 I am pleasantly surprised at how well these smoke and how long they last. I will be buying more.