Romeo y Julieta Vintage

Vintage III/ 5 × 50

Romeo y Julieta Vintage III was a smooth and creamy blend of coffee, nuts, sweet cream, and spice, with taste, character, and construction that rivals its famous Cuban counterpart. Normally, a premium cigar of this caliber would cost much more, but this vintage gem was surprisingly affordable in both the box and this 5-pack offering. 

  • $36.90
  • $48.50Save$11.60

Buy 2 select 5-packs, get a Branded Tumbler 4-Cup Assortment, worth $25.00, FREE!

  • Length5
  • Ring50
  • Wrapper TypeEcuador Connecticut
  • BinderMexico
  • FillerDominican Republic
  • OriginDominican Republic
  • StrengthMellow - Medium
  • Wrapper ColorLight Brown / Natural

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User Reviews

Romeo y Julieta Vintage

1 Review

This is absolutely one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. The consistency of these RyJ Vintage cigars is phenomenal, I have never in my 31 years of smoking cigars ever came across a bad cigar. The cigars burn evenly and stay lit, they have a nice buttery-Earthy flavor from the first puff down to the last puff (you know when it’s time to let it go but you can’t because it tastes so good, thats when you end up burning your finger tips or worse, you lips and mustache just to get every last puff out of your delicious cigar before you lay it to rest). Then it’s on to dreaming about the next one you’ll smoke on the next occasion. Highly recommended, it does not taste as strong as it rated. I suggest you buy a box and age in your Humidor before you smoke them.