Swisher Sweets

Cigarillos Green Sweet/ 4 × 30

Green Sweet Cigarillos from Swisher Sweets are creamy smooth little smokes, full of sweet and rich flavors that could satisfy any craving. Swisher Sweets only uses top-notch tobaccos in their machine-made sticks, so you can always be sure that what’s inside is just as good as the aroma that comes out!
  • $21.80
  • $33.00Save$11.20

  • Length4
  • Ring30
  • Wrapper TypeHomogenized Tobacco Leaf
  • BinderUnknown
  • FillerCaribbean Basin Cuban Seed
  • OriginUnited States
  • StrengthMellow
  • Wrapper ColorLight Brown / Natural

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Swisher Sweets

1 Review

One of my favorite kinds! And definitely has that smooth sweet taste!