Tatiana Coffee Break

Sesenta Cafe Con Leche/ 4 × 60

In today’s world, sometimes, you need to sit back and regroup. Everyone’s life is incredibly hectic, so you have to make sure to enjoy the little moments of freedom you do have. This cigar is the perfect way to sit back and unwind for a little. This Tatiana combines the rich flavors of a good cigar with the richness of a delicious cup of coffee. They come in three distinct flavors, each one will make you feel like you’re sitting in a little café in Naples. There is the Corretto which has espresso flavors with added notes of grappa, Sambuca, and Brandy. The Cortado reminds me of a silky smooth latte with a creamy finish. Finally, the Café con Leche is just like a Cuban espresso flavors with milk and mild vanilla nuances. Just relax, sit down, and unwind with Tatiana.
  • $114.95
  • $175.00Save$60.05

  • Length4
  • Ring60
  • Wrapper TypeDominican Republic
  • BinderDominican Republic
  • FillerDominican Republic
  • OriginDominican Republic
  • StrengthMellow
  • Wrapper ColorLight Brown / Natural

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Tatiana Coffee Break

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