In the modern cigar industry, we have no shortage of powerful flavorful cigars. Where as many pre-boom cigars where valued for being smooth, creamy and mellow, the modern day aficionado prefers power and complexity. Some of the highest rated cigars of the past decade have all been medium to full body and incredibly complex, however you have to be willing to push the envelope and develop new and unique ways to craft your cigars. Many years ago, the Eiroa family took a gamble crafting one of the most unique cigars of its day, a cigar that is still one of the most popular full bodies ever created.

 Before being purchased by Davidoff cigars, Camacho was owned by the legendary Eiroa family. They are considered the first Family of Honduras, being one of the largest manufacturers in that countries history. They were known for utilizing new and unique sees to make their cigars stand out, including one of the first uses of Honduran Corojo tobacco. However, it was the use of maduro tobacco that put them on the map. Maduro wrappers had been used countless times before, however the Eirora family had the idea to use maduro tobacco for not just the wrapper, but the filler and binder as well.

 Thus the Camacho Triple Maduro was born. It is hand rolled in Honduras using the darkest ligero tobaccos from the legendary Jamastran valley. It is as bold as the come with heavy notes of dark chocolate, cocoa and espresso. While maduro wrappers typically have a good amount of smoke, the Triple Maduro is unmatched in its smoke output, so do not smoke it in your car.

 The Camacho Triple Maduro is an historic cigar and a must have for fans of maduro cigars, or if you want something powerful and complex. Pick up the Triple Maduro or the full line of Camacho cigars right now at