Over the past 5 years, the Nicaragua tobacco industry has exploded. Following in the footsteps of Drew Estate, Padron, and Joya de Nicaragua, several high profile manufacturers have been making their name by using the volcanic rich tobacco of Nicaragua. One of the greatest among these is Erik Espinosa, owner of the La Zona factory and the man responsible for some of the best blends coming out of Esteli.

Erik has had a unique history in this business. He has had the opportunity to work in every facet of the cigar industry, learning all he could from the ground up. He worked in the retail industry, where he grew to know and appreciate the customer side of the business. He was an independent broker for some of the biggest Miami based companies such as Drew Estate and Rocky Patel.

He began his first ventures in to the manufacturer side when in 2004 when he paired with Eddie Ortega to form EO Brands, where brand such as 601 and Murcielago were first born. After splitting with Eddie, Erik launched out on his own and formed Espinosa Premium Cigars in 2012. Based out of his La Zona factory in the heart of Esteli, Erik has continued to produce some of the most highly rated brands in Nicaragua.

Following his 601 lines, Erik continued his surge to the top with Espinosa Habano and Maduro lines. He became a fan favorite for his boutique lines that were packed with flavor. Erik then began developing one of the best and most unique blends ever conceived. Using a medium colored Brazilian wrapper, Erik introduced the Laranja Reserva. It is a delicious medium to full body filled with spice and notes of citrus due to its exquisite wrapper.

Erik is also responsible for crafting other top brands for new manufacturers, such as Cornelius and Anthony and Moya and Ruiz. He is an innovator, a genius, and one of the most fun and kind individuals you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

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