Aged tobacco is not something new for high end, premium cigars. To even be considered a premium smoke, your cigar has to contain some amount of aged tobacco. On the customer end, all these cigars have to potential to become even better, by aging in them in your humidor at your own pace. This is something that many devout cigar smokers do regularly, but it can be tie consuming and you don’t get to enjoy your cigar right away. Well, with this new cigar from Rocky Patel, he is changing the game.

 You can tell this cigar is going to be special just from the name, the Rocky Patel Aged, Limited and Rare. First lets talk about the blend. Being rolled at the legendary Tavicusa factory, you know the quality is going to be there. It is hand crafted using Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos that have already been aged for quite a while. The finishing touch is a luscious Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. What happens next is what sets these cigars apart.

 After the cigars are rolled, using tobaccos that have already been aged, the cigars are then set aside and aged for a further three years. So that intense spice from the filler mellows into a complex yet manageable medium body. Its powerful aroma and smoke becomes smooth and creamy with added touches of nuts and cocoa. Basically, Rocky is doing all of the work for you.

 Now seeing as how many companies have limited space for aging already, and the added cost of aging already rolled cigars, that is where the limited and rare portion of the name comes into play. You will not find the Rocky Patel A.L.R at your local mom and pop store. However, you will find them right here at, so you better not waste any time in picking up your box.