Colibri Cigar Cutters

Black & Gold V-Cut

The Colibri Black & Gold V-Cut is a fabulous premium quality device with an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade that is spring-loaded and designed to provide the perfect V-cut that is deep and clean. I’ve clipped tons of my favorite premium cigars with this unit, and the self-sharpening blade has never grown dull. This V-cutter is one of the best-looking and most reliable cutters that you will find.

Also available as Black & Black SV- Cut,Black & Chrome SV- Cut,Black & Chrome V-Cut,Black & Gold Cut Collection Guillotine,Black & Rose Cut Collection Guillotine,Black & Rose Gold V-Cut,Black / Black S-Cut Cutter,Black / Blue S-Cut Cutter,Black / Gunmetal S-Cut Cutter,Black / Red S-Cut Cutter,Black Monza Double-Bladed Guillotine,Black Quasar,Black S-Cut Cutter,Black V-Cut,Black and Dark Burl Cigar Cutter,Black and Light Burl Cigar Cutter,Black and Red Wood Cigar Cutter,Blue & Black V-Cut,Blue Monza Double-Bladed Guillotine,Blue S-Cut Cutter,Chrome & Black SV- Cut,Chrome S-Cut Cutter,Colibri S-Cut Montecristo Cutter,Double Guillotine With Black Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Blue Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Orange Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Red Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With White Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Yellow Color Coated Blades,Firebird Nighthawk Black Cutter,Firebird Nighthawk Cutter,Firebird Nighthawk Gray Cutter,Firebird Nighthawk Red Cutter,Firebird Viper Black Cutter,Firebird Viper Black with Blue Cutter,Firebird Viper Black with Green Cutter,Firebird Viper Black with Orange Cutter,Firebird Viper Black with White Cutter,Firebird Viper Blue Cutter,Firebird Viper Gray Cutter,Gold S-Cut Cutter,Gunmetal & Blue 90 Year V-Cut,Gunmetal Quasar,Gunmetal SV- Cut,Red & Black V-Cut,Red Monza Double-Bladed Guillotine,Red Quasar,Red S-Cut Cutter,Rose & Black SV- Cut,Rose Gold S-Cut Cutter,S-Cut Black and Red Cigar Cutter,S-Cut Red and Blue Cigar Cutter,Silver Carbon Fiber Slice,Silver Monza Double-Bladed Guillotine,Silver Quasar,V-Cut Black Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter,V-Cut Blue Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter,V-Cut Red Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter,V-Cut Silver Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter.

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Colibri Cigar Cutters

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Hands down the deepest V of any v cut. SOLID cutter. This isn't some junk, plastic cutter that you are never going to use. I am a XIKAR guy through and through and I have their V cutter and I am sad to say that Colibri wins this battle hands down. The fact that it acts like a switch blade and springs up at the touch of a button, is merely an "added fun bonus"! Do yourself a favor and get one today!