Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

No. 3/ 5.5 × 44

In my opinion, the ultra-premium Don Carlos line is among Arturo Fuente’s very best. I’m certainly not alone in this belief as this top-rated cigar is always in high demand and short supply. What makes Don Carlos special is its incomparable blending of the finest aged Dominican fillers and a gorgeous African Cameroon wrapper. Beautifully banded and boxed, the cigar is very tightly packed yet its draw is airy and smooth. The cigar introduces itself with a peppery blast that quickly succumbs to medium-strength notes of sweet spice, leather, and a hint of citrus on the exhale. At the one-third mark, the smoke takes on a nutty character that remains until the final puff. In summary, words cannot do Arturo Fuente Don Carlos full justice; this a luxury smoke that you simply must experience for yourself.
  • $9.20

  • Length5.5
  • Ring44
  • Wrapper TypeCameroon
  • BinderDominican Republic
  • FillerDominican Republic
  • OriginDominican Republic
  • StrengthMedium - Full
  • Wrapper ColorMedium Brown / EMS

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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

1 Review

This is one of my favorite cigars, hands down. Creamy leather and light spice dominate throughout, mingled with hints of wood and earth. This cigar is smooth, smooth, smooth.