Court Tube/ 4.18 × 36

Macanudo is considered one of the finest mellow cigars ever created. The Court is a small size, usually popular in Europe. It has the finest quality aged tobacco rolled perfectly by hand into a small yet exquisite smoke. It is creamy and nutty with notes of cedar, and creamy vanilla. It also comes packed in a small tube, to keep it fresh for longer.
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  • Length4.18
  • Ring36
  • Wrapper TypeConnecticut
  • BinderMexico
  • FillerDominican Republic / Mexico
  • OriginDominican Republic
  • StrengthMellow
  • Wrapper ColorLight Brown / Natural

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These little cigars are GREAT tasting and super convenient to travel with, or throw in a pocket for later. I call these on the go cigars!